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We know that we need more urgent, widespread, global grassroots activism to address our existential environmental challenges.

Around the world we can see that this is already taking place. But how many people are taking part, what are they doing, and how can we make their efforts more successful, as soon as possible?

These are the questions this dataset was designed to help inform.


This dataset presents the first comprehensive empirical dataset on environmental activism at a national level which is available for searching and downloading by researchers and activists. The dataset includes information on over 1,600 environmental groups and 900 environmental campaigns. The dataset captures information on environmental advocacy in Australia which has gone unrecorded in the past. As such it has two purposes:

  1. to act as a depository of data and stories to help preserve Australia's environmental activism history
  2. to enable researchers to access detailed empirical data to further studies on what makes environmental advocacy successful.
How to use this site

For activists:

For researchers:

Researchers can use this data to analyse

The website includes five pages (in progress):

As well as using this site, we also invite people to share their stories associated with groups, campaigns and/or events, as well as any other links to relevant historical data or information.