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Welcome to . Redland’s easiest way to get quality information about the place we love and live – now and into the future. Our Redlands, Our Future.

Redlands2030 Inc is an incorporated not-for-profit association. We are Redland’s only community run, ad-free, information source on all things that matter in the Redlands. We bring you news, views, interviews, videos, photos and more. From the people, for the people of the Redlands.

We believe that the community’s values, as set out in Redlands 2030 Community Plan, should guide major planning and development decisions within our Redlands.

These values include:
Widespread community involvement in determining the future of the Redlands
Sustainable economic development
Respect for our natural environment

The current Redlands2030 Community forum coordinators are three local residents experienced in project management, regional planning and scientific research:

Chris Walker , Steve MacDonald and Tom Taranto

Questions, posts and/or images can be submitted by email.

We welcome your involvement and support. Please subscribe to our Newsletter and help inform others by sharing our posts to your friends using email, Facebook, Instagram and/or Twitter.

We expect that our elected Councillors and Mayor make decisions that the Redlands Community value.

Redlands2030 is about our Redlands. Our experience at Toondah Harbour taught us that the Council and the State government all need to be watched carefully. Whether its Cleveland, Straddie, Mount Cotton or the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, it doesn’t matter – we are paying attention.
Our goal is to bring you the best community driven news in –

Advocating and promoting the vision, vision outcomes and goals of the Redlands 2030 Community Plan (2010).
Advocating for good governance and community participation in public decision-making in government about matters and issues affecting the Redlands – helping our community to participate in our democracy.
Working with other community groups and associations in activities and initiatives that benefit the Redland community.
Promoting community harmony, reconciliation, recognition and respect for the rights of the First Peoples of the Redlands region.
Increasing public and community awareness and engagement about governance, land use planning, the environment, conservation, sustainability, climate change, economic and social justice matters in government about matters and other issues affecting the Redlands.
Publishing and disseminating information and analysis; and stimulating debate about public policy, especially as it affects the Redlands by –
Creating and using web-sites, blogs and social media with multi-media materials
Writing and publishing newspapers, magazines and other ‘hard copy’ materials
Organising community meetings, educational activities, seminars and workshops
Commissioning expert reports and conducting community research.

While you are here have a look at why we are growing so fast. Check out some of our News articles and leave a comment. Your views are important to us and others.

Redlands2030 is for you, and by you. If you have ideas for articles, or want to contribute, please get in touch – email .

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