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The Friends of Sceale Bay are a dedicated and active group of volunteers who have defended and promoted the outstanding environmental values of the Chain of Bays region, on the far west coast of South Australia. The Chain of Bays is a series of contrasting bays between Streaky Bay and Venus Bay, including Corvisart Bay, Sceale Bay, Searcy Bay and Baird Bay.

The group has received a number of prestigious awards over the years.Bob Minnican was the Jill Hudson Environmental Award Special Mention winner in 2004. The Friends of Sceale Bay received the Annual CoastCare Award in 2006; and in 2009 we won the Premiers Natural Resource Management (NRM) Research Award, for co-ordinating the first comprehensive study of the Chain of Bays reef system off the West Coast. In 2009 the group became environment category winners of the South Australian of the Year Award. Last year we won the Planning Institute of Australia's Presidents award for our contribution to researching and documenting the high value of the coastline between Streaky Bay and Baird Bay as essential habitat for marine raptors, including the Osprey and the White Bellied Sea Eagle. Our ongoing goals are;

1) increasing community awareness about the environmental values of the Chain of Bays Region,
2) defending these values against human-induced threats and destructive activities,
3) working with scientists to improve our understanding of the region,
4) working with the traditional owners to increase community awareness about Aboriginal culture,
5) working with the community, governments and all groups to develop better infrastructure and more effective management of the region,
6) protecting sensitive sites, rehabilitating degraded areas, and re-establishing species,
7) establishing a world-class marine and coastal reserve in the Chain of Bays.

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Sceale Bay, South Australia 5680

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