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Victorian Environment Friends Network

The Victorian Environment Friends Network exists to help represent the common interests of all Friends groups in Victoria.

It is coordinated by a committee elected at the annual general meeting.

About Friends Groups
Friends groups, and groups with similar objectives, work in a great variety of natural situations – coastal sites, bush, grasslands, watercourses or wetlands.

They operate in conjunction with the relevant management authority, usually Parks Victoria, a municipal Council, or some other organisation such as the Trust for Nature.

Every group is independent and autonomous. Some are incorporated and have a formal constitution and membership structure, others operate informally, with no membership fee.

What do Friends Groups do?
While each Friends group will have its own specific objectives, these will include, in broad terms:

Providing support for the reserve or species.
Assisting with special projects selected by the Friends in consultation with the appropriate management authority.
Bringing into contact people with a common interest in the reserve or species.
Fostering public awareness of the reserve or species.
Supporting the effective management of native flora and fauna in Victoria

Our Network Committee
The Victorian Environment Friends Network Committee was originally established to organise the biennial conference. Nowadays, as well as doing this it arranges seminars, produces a quarterly newsletter, administers the Best Friend Award, promotes environmental volunteering and liaises with managing authorities.

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