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The Central Australian Nuclear Free Alliance (CANFA) is currently focussing on opposing the Aridgold Date Farm proposal to host a National Nuclear Waste Facility in the NT. The group consists of concerned local residence of the Alice Spings region. CANFA’s current aims are to engage with local communities around the aridgold proposal providing them with information about the threats of the nuclear industry. CANFA seeks to create a space were different groups within the community can come together and express their concerns about the proposal and to solidify in action against it. For more information and to get involved please contact us.

CANFA is a local group working towards a nuclear free future based in Alice Springs.

CANFA is a local group that is working alongside the Australian Nuclear Free Alliance in support of a nuclear free future.

Current campaigns are working to oppose the nomination of a nuclear waste dump 75km south of Alice Springs.

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Alice Springs

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April 2016

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August 21, 2018

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Since 2005 the Central Desert region and the Northern Territory have been a hot spot on the National radioactive waste dart board. With former Liberal Defence and Science Minister Brendan Nelson nominating three sites in the Northern Territory to host a National Nuclear Waste Facility. These sites being Hart’s Range, Fisher’s Ridge and Mt Everard. In 2007 the then current Labour Energy and Resource Minister Martin Ferguson took a nomination of Muckaty Station, as a fourth potential site to host such a contentious facility.

On Friday the 13th of November 2015 the issue of proposed nuclear sites came into the public realm through media coverage around the nation. Media stated 6 shortlisted sites from 28 previously nominated by private landholders. One of these sites will potentially host the nations first national nuclear waste facility. Aridgold Date Farm is one of these sites. It is situated 75 kilometers southeast of Alice Springs on the Maryvale Road, 35 kilometers north-west of Titjikala Aboriginal community. It is privately owned and was nominated by the landowner Tim Micklem without broader community consultation.

The safety of the potential nuclear waste facility is a major concern for people in the area. The farm is situated in an outwash basin with incredibly unstable soil structure. The site also sits on top of the Pacoota sandstone aquifer which feeds into the Mereenie aquifer, a major source of water for the area including Alice Springs, surrounding farmland and remote communities.

Neighbouring residence at Oak Valley were alerted to the nomination by a local ABC News story. The waste dump has the potential to threaten the livelihoods of local residents and farmers by jeopardising the agricultural, livestock and tourism industries that operate in the area.

The site and surrounding area is culturally significant to the eastern Arrente and Luritja people. The area contains many significant archeological and historic sites. People of the Eastern Arrente and Luritja communities regularly visit and utilize these sites for their own cultural practice and also operate cultural tours for the general public.

Members of the broader community of Alice Springs and surrounds are concerned about the fast tracked nature of this proposal to store some of the most toxic industial waste produced by human kind. There is a strong commitment to stop the proposal at Aridgold date farm and a push for a more transparent process which is based on consultation and science.

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