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Grandparents for Climate Action Now (Grandparents CAN) is a group of grandparents and citizens in the upper Blue Mountains region of NSW. Our manifesto is simple: 'We want to leave a healthy planet behind us for our grandchildren and we need the Australian Government to act quickly and decisively against the threat of continued global warming'. Visit our website at: and sign up to receive regular updates.

We are a group of grandparents greatly concerned about the impact climate change will have on the future of our and everyone else’s grandchildren.

We feel we have lived through the best of times in this country, in peace and prosperity, and for much of the time with hope for a better future. But that future is looking very different now, especially for our much-loved grandchildren.

We decided to transform our deep concern about this into taking action, to increase the pressure on the Australian Government for them to declare a Climate Emergency and introduce major policies to reduce carbon emissions.

Our aim is to make it easy for other grandparents (and other senior citizens) to do this too. Understanding that for many of us some of the usual protest actions such as rallies in the city may be too hard for reasons of age or health, we have devised this easy way for grandparents to continue pressure for political action without leaving home!

Simply enter your email address below to subscribe, and you will be sent a weekly suggestion of an action you could take to help add to the growing pressure from many other sections of the Australian community.

Two recent actions posted were a Parliamentary E-Petition requesting the House of Representatives to declare a Climate Emergency (this received a record 370,000 signatures); and information on how to find whether your bank is supporting fossil fuel industries, and if it is, step-by-step information on how to leave it if you choose and move to another bank.

Given the intransigence of the current government on climate action, we have no illusions about the difficulty of the task. However, recent research by American historian Erica Chenoweth (talk at TEDx Boulder) has shown that non-violent campaigns across the world from 1900 to 2006 succeeded once they achieved the active and sustained participation of 3.5–5% of the population, and lots succeeded with far less than that.

Australia’s population at the end of July this year was 25,112,478. By our calculations, 3.5% of this number is approximately 879,000. Given that polling by the Lowy Institute shows that most Australians are genuinely concerned about climate change, it seems clear that all we have to do to get some real climate action is to turn that ‘concern’ into ‘active and sustained participation’. We showed that 300,000 of us at least are ‘active ’ by attending the Strike. What we now have to do to succeed in our campaign is to sustain that activity, and enable another 579,000 of our concerned fellow citizens to get active too.

To help you become part of Australia’s 3.5%, we will be researching a smorgasbord of targeted actions you can take, and listing them on our website. Just enter your email address on the site for new ideas to be automatically forwarded to you as we find out about them. Choose the ones you want to do, and most important, talk about them to you friends and encourage them to join us too!

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