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The Forest Embassy arose out of a grass roots campaign to save a forest from being logged in New South Wales. Turning from a blockade to a peaceful vigil, The Forest Embassy met on the highway every single day to politely ask the loggers to leave. Eventually, they did.

So the people of this small town decided to take their message to a larger stage, inviting all forestry groups in Australia to join them in their quest to end all native forest logging in Australia.

In the first month of operation, half a dozen forest groups joined the quest, with a rally at Parliament House attended by The Lone Drummer and a couple of hundred of his friends showing up to support the cause.

All Inclusive. All invited.

As momentum grew, the quest to end native forest logging moved out of the small town and the campaign to protect Corunna, and The Corn Trail between Batemans bay and Braidwood began. T shirts were printed and meetings were held, with more people joining in.

All forest groups in Australia are welcome to get involved with The Forest Embassy, to hold talks in regional spaces and spread the word.

The Forest Embassy is organising a National Forest Uprising – a national calendar of events calling on all forest groups to gather throughout the country to send the word to parliament before the State and Federal elections – that Australians have had enough of Native Forest Logging.

How to get involved

Be heard, spread the word

The Forest Embassy is here to unite all grass roots forest campaigns in Australia to stand together as one united voice to end native forest logging. We’ve had enough of our precious forests being shipped offshore for wood chips, only to return as toilet paper. We’re not about one region or one forest, we are about speaking on behalf of all groups from our isolated corners of this massive Australian landscape.It’s not about individuals doing more, it’s about individual groups connecting up with other groups in other parts of the country who are doing exactly the same campaign work, often in frustration and isolation. Let’s lend a hand to each other and speak to governments and agencies and the Australian people as one voice. When we march on Parliament, we want to represent all of you, and we want to hear your needs too.

Share the events on Facebook and other media channels, send your events over to us to list on the National Forest Uprising Calendar, download a PDF of the petition to sign and share the online links. All forest groups are welcome to send a message of support and join in the bigger action. Messages of support are sent to the media to help us build one national, united voice, that the people of Australia do NOT support native forest logging and call an end to practices that are threatening native flora and fauna.

Contact us today for a copy of your personal invitation to the Forest Uprising including an FAQ sheet.

The Forest Embassy are people who believe Australian trees belong in the ground in Australian forests. That’s what people travel from all over the world to see. That’s what our threatened species need.

At present Australia cuts down native forests and sends them overseas as wood chips, which are turned in to paper, and exported from Asia back to Australia.
The wood chip industry relies on government grants for transport, for plant development, for free land use (no rates are paid, no land tax), and more. Every now and then the forest industry posts a profit, but not generally. When it turns a profit, it does so by concealing these grants and subsidies.

The reality is there are very few jobs in native forest logging. There would be more jobs in keeping the trees in the ground.

The Australian government is presently exploring options for turning native forest into pellets for energy generation - because it reduces the burden of emissions carried by burning coal. That’s because it is “renewable”.

The trees cut down are often hundreds of years old. Every year, more and more push is made into native forests. It’s a practice that has nature on the run.
The Forest Embassy calls for an End To Native Forest Logging by 2020 - nation wide.
It calls for legal personalty for native forests, to declare that forests have legal rights, just the same as people do.

It calls for forests to be left standing for the benefit of all who call planet earth our home.

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