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Australia’s Wildlife is under immense pressure from the exponential growth of human activity. Without radical change from the status quo, many of our species will go the way of the Tasmanian Tiger. Extinction is forever.

Wildlife Australia is dedicated to improving outcomes for Australia’s Native Fauna.
Promoting community awareness of wildlife through ongoing conservation education.
Inspiring involvement and fostering understanding of the environment.
Providing rescue rehabilitation and medical attention of the highest standard to the sick and injured.
Supporting threatened species by the breeding of critically endangered Australian wildlife.
Strengthening the ecological integrity of native habitat through the linking of ecosystems.
Seeking innovative solutions to threats of bio diversity by the finding of common ground.
Advocating for Australian Wildlife wile Promoting common sense conservation.
Encouraging all to utilize Australia`s unique ecosystems in a sustainable manner.
Always seeking a greater understanding between Mankind and Nature.

Our Goals

· Inspiring involvement with Wildlife and fostering an understanding of its habitat.
· Promoting community awareness of Wildlife through conservation education.
· Providing rescue and rehabilitation of the highest standard to the injured and sick.
· Supporting threatened Wildlife by the breeding of critically endangered species.

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322 Mills Rd East, Martin, West Australia

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