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The Tasmanian National Parks Association Inc (TNPA) is a non-profit, non-government organisation committed to the protection of Tasmania’s national parks and reserved lands. We reinforce public values, concerns and criticisms to policy makers and managers, while promoting conservation awareness.

Mission Statement: To preserve the integrity of, and expand, the Tasmanian national park system, and to ensure appropriate management of its natural and cultural values.

Manifesto: The Manifesto of the Tasmanian National Parks Association outlines in detail, the aims, policy objectives and guiding philosophy behind the Association.

Our Aims

The primary aims of the Tasmanian National Parks Association are:
The conservation, protection and, where necessary, the rehabilitation of the natural environment of national parks and reserves.
To secure the continuing and additional reservation of suitable areas for national parks.
To advocate conservation as the primary role of the Tasmanian Parks & Wildlife Service.
To promote and encourage community involvement in national park management.
To promote effective legislation for the maintenance and management of our national parks and reserves.
To increase community awareness of the value and importance of national parks and reserves.
To promote the conservation of cultural heritage within national parks and reserves.

“National Park” means any National Park, State Reserve, Nature Reserve, Game Reserve, Conservation Area, Nature Recreation Area, Regional Reserve, Historic Site, Sanctuary or any public lands or marine areas reserved for conservation in Tasmania.

President’s reports: A summary or our activities each year can be downloaded.

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