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This website initially started out in 2013 as a‘Carbon awareness hub’– introduced as “an open space allowing participants and readers to explore, compile, share and exchange knowledge about how best to deal with the climate change problems caused by our collective emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses.”

Since then we have been on an ongoing journey to discover and help develop the best and most efficient solutions to the problems in order to avoid the threats of a total ‘climatepocalypse’ – the meltdown of our world as we know it, which science warns us is about to happen unless we take immediate action and slash our emissions down to zero – and below zero – over the next few decades.

Around Centre for Climate Safety a range of networks initiatives evolved, such as the Climate Emergency Declaration mobilisation and petition, Citizens for Climate Safety, Parents for Climate Safety, Bloggers for Climate Safety, Artists for Climate Safety, the Fossil Fuel Free Future network, and more.

These are not organisations, and do not even wish to become organisations, associations or incorporated NGOs. They are very open and loosely structured networks of individuals who excel in ‘climate campaign-hopping’, which means: supporting and collaborating with a variety of organisations – such as Friends of the Earth, Lock the Gate Alliance, GetUp,, Victorian Climate Action Network, Climate Emergency Network, Environment Victoria, Geelong Sustainability, Surf Coast Energy Group, Surf Coast Air Action, Transition East Geelong, Transition South Barwon, Ecosia, and so on – with their specific campaigns and petitions, sometimes protesting against the fossil fuel madness, at other times promoting sustainability, renewables and clean energy, and sometimes both all at the same time.

The centre also hosts and runs the Frack Free Geelong home page, and the podcasts of The Sustainable Hour on 94.7 The Pulse.

On 22 August 2015, the website contained 3.89 GB of data in 12,705 files. This figure keeps growing.

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