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We want to stop the destruction of this 10 hectare bush reserve. Please also join our Facebook group:

We oppose the Shire of Kalamunda's proposal to rezone and bulldoze more than 10 hectares of Regional Reserve for an aged care development. The Shire motto is "a home in the forest". We believe that clearing the proposed site for any purpose would be an unacceptable loss to the Kalamunda, Lesmurdie and Walliston community. We are asking the Shire of Kalamunda councillors to reconsider the proposed development, and to work towards identifying a more suitable location for aged care accommodation that doesn't sacrifice trees and bushland. That way people of all ages can continue to enjoy living in this home in the forest.

Please get involved, pass the word around, subscribe to e-mail updates, join the facebook group and re-visit this website for further updates.

Come visit the reserve.

There are various trails through the reserve, accessible from Wilkins Rd and Lesmurdie Rd East. Stop by and take a walk through.

If you want to see the extent of bushland that will be lost, go for a walk, cycle or drive along the length of Wilkins Road. Then turn left up Lesmurdie Rd East until you get to the radar station. Under the Shire's proposal, all this bushland will need to be cleared.

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Wilkins Rd, Kalamunda

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I recommend joining the Nature Reserves Preservation Group to help ensure the continued protection native bushland such as what has been saved on Wilkins Rd.

This Wednesday evening they have a high-profile speaker at their AGM!

The "Save the reserve on Wilkins Road" website will remain active at

Facebook post December 2019: A new Friend’s group is being set up for the bush land along Wilkins Road, Kalamunda. If you are interested in joining in, please contact Jane Wallis on

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22 November 1996

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