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Save Straddie works towards ending all sand mining on North Stradbroke and protecting and preserving the Island and the adjacent Moreton Bay, for current and future generations to enjoy. Sand mining is the greatest threat to the island's fragile ecosystems and is legislated to continue until 2019. We now also know that sand mining also emits dangerous particulate matter. These air borne, often invisible particles present a serious health hazard, particularly to mine workers, island residents and visitors and those who live on nearby bay islands and in the bayside suburbs of Brisbane. See our posts about the air pollution issue. Sand mining has gone on for too long. It is time that the fewer than 100 destructive mining related jobs (41 island residents- source: Sibelco, November, 2016) are replaced by a greater number of sustainable jobs - in rehabilitating the damaged landscape (which Sibelco is legally obliged to carry out) and in nature recreation and tourism in the un-mined, biologically complex, beautiful parts of the island. Save Straddie also supports the island's indigenous owners who want to preserve and protect the natural and cultural heritage values of Minjerribah. And Save Straddie supports the long campaign against sand mining by Friends of Stradbroke Island (FOSI). Save Straddie also opposes large scale land clearing for real estate development and believes a bridge would result in land clearing and over-development. On the mainland, a modest upgrade to the Toondah Harbour Ferry Terminal at Cleveland, the Gateway to Straddie, is all that is needed - not the gross overdevelopment and misuse of wetlands proposed. The current proposal involves the dredging and reclamation of almost 50 hectares of the Moreton Bay Ramsar site, the habitat of many threatened and some endangered species. It also involves koala habitat on the foreshore.

We are pleased to have the support of leading Queensland environmental groups in our campaign to bring an end to sand mining and for most of the Island to be declared National Park. A big thanks to the following organisations who have helped to spread the word about the on-going destruction of North Stradbroke Island via their websites and newsletters-

Friends of Stradbroke Island (FOSI)
Queensland Conservation Council (QCC)
Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland (WPSQ)
Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO)
Moreton Island Protection Committee (MIPC)
Bribie Island Environmental Protection Association

If you are a member of an organisation which supports an end to sand mining on Stradbroke Island we would welcome your support and involvement in this ‘think globally, act locally’ campaign.

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The last mine on Stradbroke, named 'Enterprise' by the mining company and which officially closed yesterday, began under the Beattie Labor Government. Many expired mining leases were renewed by Labor Governments after 1989, when Wayne Goss defeated the Nationals and mining and the associated environmental destruction expanded under Labor. In 2011, the Bligh Government extended expired mining leases to 2019, to allow the 'Enterprise' mine to continue to destroy ancient landscapes and eco-systems for another 8 years. In 2016 Labor did restore the Bligh extension date of 2019. For that much we can be thankful. But Labor does not have a good record of protecting Stradbroke. It is a shameful record - just not as shameful as would have occurred under Newman.

Sand mining officially ends today. Save Straddie has changed its logo to reflect this. The colours denote our hope, and the hope of most people who love the Island, for a clean and green future. Much damage has been done to the Island's landscapes and ecosystems, and its lakes, swamps and aquifer. Rehabilitation should take many years.

We wish to acknowledge the years of hard work by a small number of people, including some Aboriginal residents of the Island, who maintained their active opposition to destructive sand mining, in some cases for decades. They put up with intimidation, backstabbing, and even assaults. But they stood strong with the aim of protecting the Island from further damage.

We also acknowledge the many who made submissions to Government opposing sand mining and generally made their opposition known by such steps as writing letters to newspapers and making online contributions.

The end of sand mining did not just happen. Even in 2015/16, the politicians dragged out the return to the 2019 end date, which had been legislated by the Bligh Government but overturned by the Newman Government. Before today's date finally was reinstated, there was a concerted attempt to "compromise" on a 2024 end date. That would have allowed hundreds more hectares of landscape and layered, ancient sand dunes to be destroyed by Sibelco, the Belgian sand miner.

On 12 December this year, the truth about the jobs impact of ending mining on Stradbroke finally emerged. 30 sand miners will lose their jobs by today. 70 people will be employed in decommissioning and rehabilitating areas destroyed or damaged by sand mining - ABC News

Politicians and others, including Sibelco, had "grossly exaggerated" the end of mining impacts on the Island for years. One politician claimed/lied that "650 Stradbroke resident sand miners" would lose their jobs when mining ended. It really was a "Storm in a teacup", begun by Sibelco and taken up by others wanting to exploit Straddie in a different way.

But now the truth has emerged, it is time for reflection. More consideration and consultation needs to occur, instead of the headlong plunge into building expensive 'Tourist Attractions' most people don't want, and which most now see as completely unnecessary. And the environmentally destructive Toondah real estate plan must be dropped -

Major justifications for Toondah were the myths of jobs for ex-sand miners and the need for an economic transition imposed by Government.

The Island's 'Economic Transition Strategy' (ETS) is mostly NOT being spent on what people need. So far, more than $40 Million has been allocated - add up the figures in the ETS Annual Update last year -…/nsi-ets-annual-update-2017-1…

The ETS largely is based on myths created by Sibelco, politicians and a few others. Given Straddie's sensitive environment and the damage done over decades, the Island needs a break. And there is time for that, now the true facts have emerged about the jobs.

The myths and lies about Straddie caused unnecessary anxiety and conflict, for the past decade. This could have, and should have, been avoided. It is called 'speaking the truth'.

Should there be an Independent Inquiry into the myths and lies about ending sand mining on Straddie?

The Inquiry could also examine the hyped 'Economic Transition Strategy' and its purposes. Put simply, the ETS is based on the myth that Government needs to "create" tourist attractions to replace an "economy" which we now know does not exist. The BS about the number of jobs has been exposed.

The misdirected ETS needs to be scrutinised. A change of direction is called for. For example, a building to house a whale skeleton in the iconic Point Lookout Public Reserve (Gorge Walk) is not wanted or needed.

An Independent Inquiry could also allow discussion and submissions about how best to formulate a Management Plan for the Island, to ensure it is protected and preserved for future, and current, generations to enjoy. How many tourists can the Island sustain? How much water can continue to be extracted by SEQ Water from the Island's depleted, and damaged aquifer?

Answers to these questions should be known if the Island is to be protected.

Above all, Aboriginal people, including all Elders, not just those favoured by Government, should be genuinely consulted and invited to participate in real decision making, with traditional processes for reaching decisions respected. All Island residents and rate-payers should also be consulted and involved in decision making. And no more myths or deception! The truth should prevail from now on.

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