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Climate Action Newtown (CAN) is a local community organisation based in Newtown NSW. Our aim is to persuade our governments to take meaningful action against global warming. CAN is a not-for profit organisation. All members are volunteers and the group is not aligned with any political party. New active members are always welcome!

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Our goal is to create awareness among the local community that we are faced with a real climate emergency, and create pressure on our elected representatives to take strong action against climate change. We believe Australia needs to take urgent steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and transition our economy to a low carbon future based on 100% renewable energy.

Our members are local residents from the inner-west of Sydney. We have strong links with other groups in our community including environmental organisations, local student organisations, bike groups and the local food coop. All member of Climate Action Newtown are volunteers and the group is politically unaligned.

Join us! On your own it is hard to take action against climate change, but together we can make a difference. If you live in Newtown, Redfern, Marrickville, Glebe, Leichhardt or any other part of Sydney’s inner west, email Lindsay at to find out more.

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