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This year NSW and other Australian wildlife faces its greatest crisis - a final onslaught on native forests by the logging machinery of multinationals, causing impacts from which wildlife will never recover. Native forests are deliberately being converted to mono-cultures, single species forests that will benefit big business only.

In NSW, the government ignores the Auditor-General’s report revealing forests stretched beyond capacity. Throughout Australia the major parties ignore the warning by Australian scientists - Australian logging is a major causal factor of the sixth greatest extinction crisis of this planet. This is centred in our region.

In multiple states multinationals have contracts to wood supply that scientists say should have never been granted. Ecologically inadequate, self-monitored codes of practice leave thinly disguised clear felling across millions of hectares. The native plant and animal life remaining in small pockets is subjected to multiple impacts - no hollow trees in which to live and reproduce, total weed invasion of felled areas so no return of habitat, easy access by feral animals, populations so small that genetic problems arise - this causes mass extinction.

The country’s carbon sink is being felled. Wildlife is slaughtered daily along with hope for its future habitat. This fell and burn practice favouring single species forests means weed, feral animal and pathogen invasion on a scale never yet been seen, which will be impossible to control. These are the risks Australian federal and state governments are taking with a continent on the brink, already having one of the highest extinction rates on earth, on a planet out of control.

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