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In 2008 Terrain NRM and CSIRO worked with the community and government departments to develop a local area plan for Mission Beach (Mission Beach Habitat Network Action Plan). An important part of the plan was the mapping of habitat connectivity. These are often very narrow nature linkages associated with creeks and drains connecting larger blocks of rainforest and are necessary for cassowaries to access their severely fragmented essential habitat. Two projects were carried out The Wongaling Creek Habitat Linkages and the Wongaling - South Mission Beach Habitat Linkages. The mapping from these projects was incorporated into the local Planning Scheme.

Funds ran out before the mapping was completed.

Why is the mapping important?
Mapping is a crucial component of any planning schemes and can guide better outcomes for the environment during development decisions. The Federal Government relied on the mapping to protect Lot 66, a cassowary corridor linking the Wet Tropics and the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Areas in the heart of Mission Beach.

What does it mean?
Many corridors known to support cassowaries are not identified in our local planning scheme and therefore not taken into account when developments are being assessed.

Our goal
Mission Beach Cassowaries needs $6,500 to complete the mapping which will be created by Biotropica, the same consultants who wrote the Mission Beach Wongaling Creek Habitat Linkages and Mission Beach Wongaling South Mission Beach Habitat linkages which were incorporated into the Cassowary Coast Planning Scheme. We will then ask the Cassowary Coast Regional Council to please include the completed mapping into their current Planning Scheme.

​Thank you for your help. Your donation will help secure the safe future of cassowaries many of which are well known to the residents of the northern part of Mission Beach. See a map of individual cassowaries compiled from information shared by the community on the Mission Beach Cassowaries facebook page.

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