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A group for Brimbank residents who want to see real action on climate change in our local area, and create a connected, resilient community.

Our first project is a petition to Brimbank City Council to declare a climate emergency in the area of Brimbank.

BrimbankCAN (Climate Action Network) is a loose network linking like minded people and community groups in Brimbank and Victoria with the aim to:

encourage residents, ratepayers, businesses and industry to actively reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
provide information about climate change and what can be done to help reduce emissions.
lobby Brimbank City Council to regulate for energy efficiencies for residential, commercial and industrial developments, and to take greater action in reducing the Council’s own emissions.
promote forums, rallies, events, conferences and media about climate change, ecological biodiversity and environmental sustainability.
organize local forums and meetings on climate change and alternative technology.

The BrimbankCAN is an entirely online network. There is no membership fee required and it is not an incorporated association.

Meetings are held infrequently at this stage.

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April 14, 2011

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"Over the next couple of weeks we’ll be re-building our site. There’s a lot of information that is out-of-date and we also want to add some new features and functions.

However, after the last few years of being with we’re making a move to Posterous. Don’t get us wrong we’ve loved what has done for us but we think Posterous makes it easier for us to administer our site. Plus it also means it’s easier for more people to contribute to our site about ways of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and what’s happening locally."

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