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A growing community working to protect the Kimberley, one of the last great unspoilt landscapes on Earth.

Western Australia's Kimberley region is an area of spectacular natural beauty, with landscapes and wildlife like nowhere else on earth. Few marine and coastal environments left on Earth are as biologically diverse, physically remote, or stunningly beautiful as the Kimberley.

The Kimberley’s fringing coral reefs are of global significance, with a greater diversity of coral species than the Great Barrier Reef.

Its waters are one of the last large refuges for many threatened and endangered species: habitat for a number of threatened shark species, a refuge for six of the world’s seven species of marine turtle, and with healthy populations of dolphins and dugongs.

The Kimberley coast is the nursery for the world's largest humpback whale population. Each year, 35,000 humpback whales migrate to the Kimberley to give birth.The Kimberley coast is the nursery for the world's largest humpback whale population. Each year, 35,000 humpback whales migrate to the Kimberley to give birth.

On land, the Kimberley is the only region on the Australian mainland to have had no extinctions of species, and is a refuge for marsupial species now found nowhere else. Its intact and bio-diverse tropical savannahs are part of the northern Australian biome, which retains the largest remaining savannah left on Earth.

The region’s outstanding scenery makes it a tourist icon for lovers of wild places.

The Kimberley has outstanding cultural values, with traditional owners’ ancient connections to their country continuing to the present day. This culture is expressed in vast and largely unexplored rock art galleries across the region, many with paintings that are tens of thousands of years old.

What needs to be done

Pressure to open the Kimberley coast up to mining, alongside the impacts of destructive wildfire, noxious weeds, and feral animals threaten to tip the balance on the Kimberley. Progress has been made, but some of the most amazing places in the Kimberley, like the Buccaneer Archipelago, Adele Island and the Lacepedes remain unprotected. The opportunity now exists to complete the Great Kimberley Marine Park by protecting these islands within a network of marine sanctuaries along the Kimberley coast.

The Fitzroy, WA's largest river, is at risk from new proposals for dams and huge irrigation projects. The WA Labor Government made an election commitment to protect the Fitzroy River. We will need to keep the pressure up to protect the mighty Fitzroy for the future and make sure:

The river gorges where dams have been proposed are protected in the new Fitzroy National Park
A buffer zone is put in place to protect the River from irrigation and mining
Legally enforceable protection is given to the entire River and critical catchment areas
Fitzroy Traditional Owners play a central role in protecting and managing the River

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Adele Island Included in Buccaneer Marine Park Plan. At the 2017 state election, the incoming Labor Government committed to extending the Great Kimberley Marine Park to include the thousand islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and the fringing coral reefs that surround them. Important work has begun on this commitment, however, previously there had never been an official commitment to include the reefs of Adele Island, Beagle and Mavis within the outer boundaries in this new and important marine park. Over 1850 passionate Kimberley supporters wrote to the Environment Minister, telling him that these remote and pristine coral reefs deserved world-class protection. The Environment Minister listened to the community and recently confirmed the intent to include Adele Island and Beagle and Mavis reefs in the proposed Buccaneer Archipelago Marine Park! Minister Dawson reflected on the outstanding natural values of these reefs, including being important feeding areas for seabirds and waders. He agreed that the inclusion of these areas in the States marine reserve system would complement the existing class A nature reserve at Adele Island and the protection provided by adjacent Commonwealth marine parks. The protection of these pristine reefs will be a win for marine life, and for all Australians for the future.
$1 million in State Budget. In the 2017 State budget the McGowan Government committed a further $1 million towards advancing their Kimberley conservation commitments. These funds will go towards the establishment of a marine park and reserve network surrounding the fringing coral reefs of the Buccaneer Archipelago.
Election commitments: In March at the State Election all sides of politics made commitments to advancing protection of the Kimberley. The new McGowan Government came to power and has now begun work on their important new election commitments. This includes extending the Great Kimberley Marine Park to include the thousand islands of the Buccaneer Archipelago and the fringing coral reefs that surround them. WA Labor has committed to the creation of a new Fitzroy River National Park by extending the Darngku (Geikie Gorge) National Park along the Fitzroy River to the north, and the Margaret River to the east. WA Labor will also develop a Fitzroy River management plan to ensure the health of the river and sustainable development. They have committed to not allowing the Fitzroy River or its tributaries to be dammed. The new government has also committed to implement a mosaic of National Parks to protect the outstanding natural and cultural values of the Kimberley.
Great news for the Kimberley today! The vision of the Kimberley protected on land and sea is one step closer with the announcement from the WA Government and Wilinggin Traditional Owners of the creation of the Wilinggin National Park, covering 740,000 hectares of the remote Kimberley. This new protected area includes rugged and spectacular country, part of the only place on mainland Australia to have no recorded native mammal extinctions. It also houses rock art and cultural sites that are of immeasurable cultural and historical significance. Importantly, the new National Park will be created in partnership with Wilinggin. It brings parts of the existing Prince Regent and Mitchell River National Parks into joint vesting and joint management. The old King Leopold Ranges Park will also now be more appropriately renamed the Wilinggin Conservation Park. The new parks together will create a 210 kilometre long conservation corridor through the Kimberley. The parks are also connected to the coast and the Great Kimberley Marine Park by the Dambimangari and Wunumbal Gaambera Indigenous Protected Areas. The State is negotiating with these Traditional Owner groups about increasing the protection of some of these areas to National Park levels. These negotiations will now need to continue in the next term of Government, which is why it’s vital that all sides of politics commit to continuing the work of protecting the Kimberley coast. Please consider sending a message to the Premier and Environment Minister today encouraging them to commit to continuing to protect the Kimberley at the election.
The North Kimberley Marine Park is here! Posted on December 17, 2016. Good news! Today the WA Government has announced the creation of another new marine park in the Kimberley, and it is a whopper. The new North Kimberley Marine Park extends over nearly 19,000km2 making it by far the biggest marine park in WA. It includes some of the most pristine and remote waters of the Kimberley. The announcement was supported by Balanggarra Traditional Owners who will be among the Traditional Owner groups who will be joint managers of the marine park. The Government is still negotiating Indigenous Land Use Agreements for sections of the marine park with Wunambal Gaambera and Miriwoong Gajerrong Traditional Owner groups.

This is a huge step towards the creation of a Great Kimberley Marine Park to rival the Great Barrier Reef. A big thank you to supporters who made one of the 16,000 submissions on the draft North Kimberley Marine Park! Your support has helped to ensure the final creation of large new marine sanctuary zones that will provide protection to important places like Long Reef and Cape Londonderry.

Our submissions also called for more controls on damaging commercial fishing like gillnetting. As a result of your support and concerns raised by Traditional Owners and tourism operators, additional protection has been added that will give a big boost to wildlife and tourism. We look forward to working with you to further this protection in the future.

Together we have achieved historic protection for the Kimberley this year. With the addition of Roebuck Bay, Horizontal Falls and the North Kimberley to existing parks at Camden Sound and Eighty Mile Beach, five marine parks have been added toward the vision of protecting the Kimberley Coast in a Great Kimberley Marine Park. On the adjacent land, new protected areas have been created at Eighty Mile Beach and Roebuck Bay adding to the 175,000 hectares of the Mitchell Plateau that was protected from mining in 2014.

We are closer than ever to seeing the Kimberley Coast protected, but we must ensure that the next government finishes the job, including adding icons like the Buccaneer Archipelago and Adele Island in the Great Kimberley Marine Park. At this election the future of the Kimberley coast remains in our hands - we need your help to keep the pressure on right up to the election in March.
Welcoming the Horizontal Falls Marine Park. Posted on November 22, 2016. On November 22nd, 2016 the WA Government and Dambimangari Traditional Owners created a new marine park to protect the iconic Horizontal Falls and surrounding marine environment. The park included some massive new sanctuary zones for marine life at places like Turtle Reef and Walcott Inlet. The new marine park was strongly welcomed by the community. Some of the hundreds of comments sent from Kimberley supporters to the WA Premier and Environment Minister are below: "I am so thrilled to hear of the creation of the new Lalang-garram Horizontal Falls Marine Park. What an absolutely brilliant step. Thank you." "THANK YOU, THANK YOU. WONDERFUL GOOD NEWS." "Thank you for protecting this amazing area. When I visited the Falls, I was blown away. Montgomery, Turtle reefs and all the others are surely without compare in our World. I walked within 3 metres of a 4.5 metre Tiger Shark swimming in a deep channel beside the reef I was walking on. The Whales were incredible, we had a Mother and Calf swim up to our boat and stay with us for over an Hour, God what an experience. What a treasure you have given us." "Thank you for your efforts and your accomplishments. My wish is that every available space on our beautiful earth would be preserved for our so important balance of nature." "Thank you very much for creating a new marine park. I congratulate you for your insight in protecting the beauty of our country and for working together with the traditional owners of this land. Keep up the good work! In this world which I feel overwhelmed with the sadness of the destruction of nature, news like this keeps me sane and joyful. It is the most important thing we can do in this lifetime. Thank you." "How wonderful to hear good news about the preservation of our great irreplaceable country, instead of everyone being allowed to dig it all up just for money. CONGRATULATIONS! Please don’t let it stop there." "Thank you for recognising the environmental, cultural & social importance of the Kimberley Coast. All the best in the ongoing joint management of the park. I sincerely hope you and your colleagues continue to make decisions & follow through with action that supports the longevity of our natural world. Thank you from my family, our children, and future children." "THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for protecting this amazing place for us and future generations! Please keep up the good work of protecting nature in every way possible!" "You have made my day. The world is in such despair with death and dying everywhere and so to open an email and see that in the most magical place in the world peace and harmony has been secured. I thank you on behalf of all the generations to come and for showing that you really do understand, care, respect and truly value one of the most unique and precious places on Earth – the magnificent Kimberley."
Roebuck Bay Marine Park: Publication of a final management plan for Roebuck Bay, removing commercial fishing and mining, but without a marine sanctuary.
22 million for Kimberley Conservation: WA's 2016 State budget included $22 million for developing and managing marine and national parks in the Kimberley.
Walyarta Conservation Park: Establishment of the first Conservation Park jointly vested with Traditional Owners, on Karrajarri country around Eighty Mile Beach.
A win for the Kimberley Back to News Posted on March 25, 2015 We have great news to share with you! Resources giant Rio Tinto has just announced it will relinquish its claims to mine bauxite on the Mitchell Plateau in the Kimberley. The Mitchell Plateau is located in the northern Kimberley, which is the only part of mainland Australia where no extinctions of native species have occurred. It is famous as a tourist destination to see the dramatic Mitchell Falls and awe-inspiring rock art. The Mitchell Plateau is also one of the last few places on Earth where native wildlife remains the same as it has for almost 50,000 years. The WA Government has also acted in the interests of all Australians, who share the natural heritage of the Kimberley, by creating a new law that will permanently ban mining from the majority of the north Kimberley coastline. This historic decision by Rio Tinto and the WA Government is another critical step towards protecting the iconic Kimberley and so deserves our support. The next step involves working with Traditional Owners to ensure there is long term care and management of the Mitchell Plateau and continuing work to help protect other important areas of the Kimberley. A vital part of any win for protection of the Kimberley is community support so THANK YOU for being a part of this great outcome!
Marine parks at Camden Sound and Eighty Mile Beach including significant marine sanctuaries.

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