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Killcare Wagstaffe Trust Inc., "The Trust", seeks to preserve the natural environment of the Bouddi peninsula, to contribute to the understanding of this environment and to promote a sense of community and place.

Main Activities
The Trust:

Liaises with Gosford City Council and other government authorities on issues affecting the area

Monitors proposed developments for adverse impacts on the environment and community and contributes to the process when necessary.

Monitors the health of Brisbane Water and its catchment area

Works with like-minded groups such as community organizations and Landcare

Supports grant applications by local groups for environmental and cultural projects

Disseminates information on local issues through newsletters, meetings and a web site

Contributes to publications related to the area.

Joins in community activities such as Clean up Australia Day.

Mounts informative displays on the history and environment of Bouddi Penninsula

Assists the National Parks and Wildlife Service to conserve and enhance Bouddi National Park, and

Maintains a roster of volunteers at the NPWS Maitland Bay Information Centre on weekends and public holidays

Type of group


Primary environmental focus

Conservation & Protection

Geographic sphere or activity


Primary location

Wagstaffe, NSW

Known address

PO Box 4009 Wagstaffe NSW 2257

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Founding Year

History of group

The Trust was set up in 1981 in response to community concerns about a proposed development that would have adversely affected the area. Since then membership has grown and the Trust has become an important community voice in support of its primary concerns of the environment, education and the community.

The Stroms
Allen and Beryl Strom were foundation members of the Trust. They were very much involved in the negotiations that led to the establishment of the NPWS in 1967 and were passionate advocates for healthy, sustainable natural and built environments.

Allen strongly believed in legislative protection of the natural environment in order to prevent its erosion through a “death by a thousand cuts”. The Stroms and the other early members performed the valuable service of attending every council meeting and maintaining a strict vigilance over proposed developments.

Beryl had a passion for the history of the entire Gosford area and became a well recognised expert in the field.

They were an inspirational couple, making countless historic studies, site inspections, proposals and additions for national Parks, numerous committees and the formation of the Environmental Education Association on the Central Coast.

A memoir of Allen can be read at



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