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The Hunter Valley Protection Alliance (HVPA) is committed to safeguarding Australia’s oldest wine area from the proliferation of coal seam gas mining.

To change the rules by which the resource mining industries engage in our communities.

The HVPA’s overarching aim is have legislation, regulations and licensing terms changed to create a better balance for the Hunter Valley between the needs of the energy and resource industries and the needs of the Valley’s residents, communities and agrarian, viticulture, olive and tourism industries.

The immediate aim is:
• To curtail the expansion of resource mining in the Hunter Valley and to keep gas exploration out of high value agricultural and semi-rural, semi-urban areas such as the Broke Fordwich and Pokolbin Wine and Tourism regions.

The Hunter Valley Protection Alliance (HVPA) is a not-for-profit group formed to address the growing and emerging challenges to the Hunter Valley region from unchecked resource-based industrial growth.

The HVPA is pro-business. We understand the importance of the energy and resource industries to the local, state and nation’s economies. We understand the importance that energy has to all facets of our lives, both from a business and individual perspective. However, support for these industries CANNOT come at the expense of the Hunter Valley, its residents, its businesses and its vibrancy as a hub for wine, olives, tourism and other rural activities. Balance and sustainability are required. The HVPA is committed to achieving the goal of realizing change – change that will enforce balance and sustainability on all industries in the valley.

The Hunter Valley is under assault. The energy and resource-based industries have eaten up huge areas of land previously used for dairy, pasture, viticulture, orchards, tourism and small semi-urban / rural communities. The emergence and unchecked rapid expansion of these industries in this region has already destroyed vibrant business across a variety of sectors. Emissions from these activities is seriously impacting the health and welfare of thousands of people, as well as the animals, both domestic and wild, that have formed the cornerstone of this beautiful part of Australia.

The Hunter Valley used to be a pristine area that supported farming and viticulture since the early days of settlement. The region is world renowned for its wines and has seen the development of a growing olive industry. Tourism alone in the valley accounts for over 3 million visitors each year. The wine, olive and tourism industries support tens of thousands of people. The unchecked growth of the energy and resource-based industries in the valley is killing this economically and environmentally critical region.

The most pressing issue facing the valley at this time is the emergence of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) mining. This is the most immediate local issue, as our community understands what it could mean to their health, their property, their businesses, their valley and their way of life. The experience in Queensland, the US and Canada clearly demonstrate the urgency of this matter. CSG mining threatens the overall ecology, drinking water, aquifers, waterways, property values, the ambient environment and human health and safety.

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The communities of Broke Bulga Fordwich & Milbrodale attended information days at Broke Hall and Bulga Hall 103 people attended the Broke meeting in October 2006 and 65 attended the Bulga meeting in on the 9th December 2006 The HBGAG Association members represent the overwhelming majority of the local community supporting the preservation of the area.

The crowd attended to join the HBGAG but the sausage sizzle was an added bonus.

The majority of Broke Bulga have now attended meetings organised by the HBGAG.



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