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Despite being confronted with the full force and influence of Woodside and its bedfellows, dissenting communities are fighting might with right. Woodside Vs The Goodside.

ANCIENT SONGLINES, HUMPBACK WHALES AND DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS: Australia's Kimberley region is globally significant.

Previously untouched, the Kimberley coast looks set for liquid gas drilling by Woodside Petroleum, with the support of WA premier Colin Barnett. Woodside also want to build a processing plant at James Price Point, and this would likely 'open the door' to further indstrialisation of the area in the future.

Where is it:

James Price Point is located in the Kimberley region of northern WA, near Broom. Late last year an area of the western Kimberley twice the size of Victoria was listed as a National Heritage site due it its astounding natural, cultural and archeological values. To the anger of concerned locals, traditional owners, and environmental groups, the cover of the National Heritage zone fell just short of James Price Point where the proposed processing plant is to be built.
See map for details:

The waters off the Kimberley coast rival the Great Barrier Reef in beauty and majesty, and are on par with the Antarctic ocean in terms of their uniquely pristine condition. The Kimberley is so pristine in fact, that even in a country like Australia which has the world's worst record for species loss, it has not lost one single species since European settlement. There is no where else like it in Australia, and few places like it in the world.

Environmental values include:

- The area is home to the biggest Humpback whale breeding ground in the world, and is a major highway for the animals, which are protected in Australia.

- Five species of sea turtle are known to live and nest in the area, including the threatened Flatback turtle which is only found in Australia.

- A recently discovered species of dolphin found only in Australia, the Snubfin dolphin, relies on crucial habitat on the Kimberly coast and is known to occupy small areas of habitat close to shore.

- Dugongs feed and nurse their young here also.

Over 80 kilometers of dinosaur footprints - the longest stretch in the world - exists both above and below the tide line extending north of James Price Point and south of Broom. It is the most diverse footprint site in Australia and easily one of the most diverse in the world, showing 15 different species of dinosaur including one seen no where else in the country.

"The site selected for the LNG plant covers the section of the intertidal zone yielding the sauropod underprints. This is likely to result in the complete destruction of dinosaur trace fossils unless they are removed." (DSD 2010)

An Indigenous Land Use Agreement was registered at the National Native Title Tribunal by the Kimberley Land Council, a representative group for the the Goolaraboloo and Jabirr Jabirr traditional owners, which negotiates the building of the Gas hub. However, "a steadily increasing number of traditional owners [...] dispute the claim that they consented to the establishment of the gas precinct at James Price Point. They questioned the validity of the meeting when the in-principle agreement was signed because they claimed that they had not been informed that a vote would be taken during the 14-15 April 2009 meeting" (Wall 2010)

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