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The Fremantle Wind Farm is a proposed community-owned wind farm of 8-12 turbines on the outer harbour of our state land at Fremantle Port.

The Port of Fremantle is uniquely suited to a wind power project. Planning approvals are simplified because the Port is an active industrial area with existing structures of comparable height (cranes), and an ambient noise profile which already exceeds that of a wind farm. The locations proposed for the turbines are exposed to strong unobstructed winds from the South West, “the Fremantle Doctor”. In addition the project is situated on the ‘front-lawn’ of the State, presenting great iconic and promotional value.

Detailed energy production models have been created based on over eight years of high-quality wind measurements recorded at the site. Development Approvals were granted by the City of Fremantle and the WA Planning Commission.

The project is being developed by the Fremantle Wind Farm Cooperative, a group of passionate local community members and energy-engineers. The coop's financial models show that the project is commercially viable, subject to the cost of land, network access, and financing, with no need for Fremantle Ports or the State Government to underwrite the project. However, the project development process cannot proceed any further until the Fremantle Ports Authority enters into a commercial agreement for land access with the project developers.

From a heritage point of view, a wind energy project would continue Fremantle’s association with wind power from its earliest days of visiting sailing ships to today’s yachting events.

The Fremantle Wind Farm is an opportunity for the City of Fremantle, Fremantle Ports, and the State Government, to erect a monument to sustainability in a central metropolitan location, to attract visitors and tourism to the area, and to lead Australia in the implementation of renewable energy and distributed generation within the built environment.

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