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In Australia, decades of unsustainable, clearfell logging has had a massive impact on our forests and the wildlife that depends on them for survival.

In Victoria, the combination of this logging and three major bushfires in the last ten years has resulted in a biodiversity crisis representing a major threat to the state's ecosystem.

Ethical Paper is a markets-based, environmental awareness campaign designed to stop Australia's flagship paper brand - Reflex - being made from the destruction of Victoria's native forests.

The solution? All Reflex paper could be made from plantation timber and recycled content.

Over 2000 businesses have already taken the Ethical Paper Pledge to NOT buy Reflex paper while it's being made from native forests.

With your help, we can change Reflex paper from a forest destroyer to a sustainable, Aussie-made product to be proud of. Sign the Pledge today:

What’s wrong with Reflex®?

Reflex Ultra White®, one of Australia’s most commonly used paper brands, is made by logging Victoria’s Critically Endangered native forests, which grow on the lands of the Bunurong/Boon Wurrung, Gunaikurnai, Taungurung, and Wurundjeri people.

This logging is driving wildlife to extinction, threatening our water supplies and undermining our efforts to mitigate climate change. Every purchase of an unsustainable paper product perpetuates these problems.

Why Ethical Paper?

People, businesses and organisations are making the switch to sustainable products as, right around the world, we become increasingly aware of the impacts of our purchasing choices.

By choosing Ethical Paper, you’re helping ensure a sustainable future for you, your family and community, and for the natural world that supports us.

What about the paper industry?

Paper manufacturing in Australia can become a sustainable industry when the transition to plantations and recycled fibre is completed.

Transitioning to plantations will maintain jobs and secure the long-term future of the industry – that is running out of wood because native forests have been over-logged, badly managed, and burnt in bushfires.

Purchasing an Ethical Paper confirms the best future for the industry.

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