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The Environmental Farmers Network is an organisation intent on improving environmental health of private and public land in farming areas. The EFN will make its views known on a variety of issues to do with the environment, but it is not a political party.

The EFN has been formed by a group of farmers with a wide environmental experience. They are very aware of the significant efforts being made by the farmers across the landscape when it comes to responsible environmental management. But they are also aware that without greater public and political support this work will not be sufficient to make the substantial and lasting changes needed.

There is a need for a collective voice to represent those who are trying to protect the environment in farming regions.

The Environmental Farmers Network seeks to improve the environmental health of private and public land in farming areas. It:

Promotes policies for best practice environmental management on farms and in farming regions.
Advocates increased private and public support for rural environmental programs, especially those that enhance natural biodiversity.
Generates environmental awareness in the broader community.

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Conservation & Protection

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20 Anderson Road, Bunyip, Victoria 3815

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October 2018

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Peter and Christine Forster

Peter and Christine Forster returned to their "Captains Creek " family property in 1982. Their farm plan and its implementation is described here.

They have recently registered under the Federal Government’s Carbon Farming Initiative for their Bullock Hills direct seeding project.

The 27 July 2013 Hamilton Spectator reported on their participation in, and enthusiasm for, the carbon farming initiative.

Peter was awarded the Victorian Individual Landcarer Award at Government House on 28th August 2013.
John and Robyn Ive
Yass Valley, NSW

John and Robyn produce ultrafine wool on ‘Talaheni’, a 245-hectare property in Yass Valley. When they brought the property about 30 years ago, it was run-down and suffering from severe dryland salinity, soil acidity and associated vegetation decline. They have worked steadily since to overcome the problems and ultimately achieve increased production and significant environmental benefits. Their approach has been well document and reported. Their success is fullyacknowledged in many places. The following list provides just a taste.
Achieving production and environmental benefits in a challenging landscape Proceedings of the 22nd Annual Conference of the Grassland Society of NSW © 2007 Grassland Society of NSW Inc.

Climag Edition 21(September 2011) (see page 2) published by the Grains Research and Development Corporation.

Pasture Paddock Aspect is Key in Land October 2011

Reducing dryland salinity and achieving resilience by design (2015). A case study under the auspices of the Soils for Life program
John Pettigrew
Environment Victoria recognised John Pettigrew - our Murray Darling Basin Plan spokesperson - by giving him one of their Inaugural (in 2013) Environment Celebration Awards. Click here for further information

And he has not slowed down in 2014. Click here for further achievements
Ross and Fran McDonald

Victorian Landcare Magazine report (Winter 2011 Edition)

Weekly Times report (12 August 2015)

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Sustainable Agriculture

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