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Environment Tasmania is the state's conservation council - uniting local environment groups and thousands of individuals around the world. Inspired by love and respect for nature, our community acts together to protect Tasmania’s unique environment, so that our families and future generations can enjoy clean air, clean water and some of the most spectacular wildlife, forests and oceans on earth.

Our mission is to give a voice and power to the environment movement’s commitment to the protection and enrichment of Tasmania’s natural heritage.

Our vision is for a Tasmania where natural ecosystems are valued to ensure the health of forests, lands, water and the sustainability of communities.

Our Marine Program - Nowhere else on earth - campaigns to prevent the worst threats to Tasmania's rare marine environment - like monster Super Trawlers.

Our Forest Program campaigns to protect high conservation value native forests and the endangered species that call them home.

Take a look at our 2019/20 Annual Report and 5 year Strategic Plan.

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Conservation & Protection

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1st/100 Elizabeth St, Hobart TAS 7000

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100 Elizabeth Street, Hobart, Tasmania

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Frack Free Tas Member of the following groups Agent
Friends of the Great Western Tiers Member of the following groups Agent
Friends of North Bruny Member of the following groups Agent
Mole Creek Caving Club Member of the following groups Agent
Nature Photographers Tasmania Member of the following groups Agent