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Who is Embark?

Embark Australia is a privately funded, non-profit organisation, governed by an independent board. We’re acting now to eliminate the barriers holding back the growth of a powerful, community renewable energy sector in Australia. Whether those barriers are a lack of project funding, specialist information and advice, reflexive opposition or the impact of poor policy settings, Embark’s mission is to help erode them all.
What we do

Embark is about action, not words. We are working to shift the community energy sector into the mainstream, as a proven and financially viable model capable of attracting large-scale investment and growing to meet its full potential. Inevitably, Australia will need to move towards a low carbon economy. Our challenge is to achieve faster and more material progress now, while overcoming political inertia and fear of change that exists in some parts of the community.

A vibrant community energy sector is an efficient way to unlock the power of the community to support more ambitious action on carbon abatement in Australia over the longer term. At Embark, we are building our capacity to offer effective suport to interested communities including:

developing a best practice toolkit to help rapidly up-skill communities
knowledge transfer and expert advice
building a network of suppliers, contractors, investors and lenders
aggregating services to capture economies of scale
identifying and trouble-shooting market failures
sourcing feasibility and investment funding
attracting large-scale investment for projects, and
advocating for policy changes to grow the sector.

What is Community Renewable Energy?

Community energy projects empower communities to play a constructive role in the response to climate change. They create environmental ‘leadership by example’ and provide lasting economic benefits to regional communities. Community energy projects are renewable energy initiatives:

instigated by the local community
scaled to the community's own energy needs
funded and owned by the community
welcomed within the community
accountable to their host community
built and managed to maximise local jobs.


Embark will support new community energy projects around Australia to make a material contribution to Australia's carbon abatement effort. We express our vision as:

over the next 10 years
we aim to bootstrap 100 projects around Australia
empowering 100,000 new owners of locally clean energy infrastructure, and
creating 1,000,000 advocates of renewable energy.

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PO Box 275, Waverley NSW 2024

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Embark folded into C4CE in 2017.

Over the past three years the Coalition for Community Energy has been hosted by the Alternative Technology Association. C4CE has grown to now more than 90 member organisations and has held two extremely successful Community Energy Congresses.

Going forward we see a really important role for C4CE to act as a connector for the community energy sector and to have the ability undertake sector wide projects.

We are excited to announce that’s why Embark and C4CE are coming together. We are in the final steps of merging the two organisations, the Embark wiki, C4CE website, our mailing lists and more. Whilst Embark has been quiet for the past 18 months, it has been undertaking this transition to to help drive community energy going forward.

Embark was founded to catalyse the fledgling community energy sector and guide it on its way. At the launch in 2010, alongside the groundbreaking ceremony for the Hepburn Community Wind Farm, there were only a handful of communities embarking on the journey to owning their own clean energy generation.

In early 2017, the Embark Board decided that true to their vision, community energy was now mainstream in Australia. Having achieved the above, it was time for Embark to move forward to the next chapter. We would like to thank Embark founders and staff, particularly Simon Holmes á Court, Mary Dougherty, Andy Cavanagh-Downs, Taryn Lane and Nick Lilley for all their hard work and commitment to our sector.

Going forward we will continue sharing more exciting stories of community energy success and look forward to communicating with you more about the new exciting chapter of the Coalition for Community Energy. If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact info@c4ce.net.au.

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