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DEFEND OUR WATER is a resource, archive and portal to communities who are working to preserve and defend the essence of life:

DEFEND OUR WATER is introduced by a human being who is witness to the impact of the ‘unconventional’ onshore gas industry that is being forced upon us, our country, and our water. DEFEND OUR WATER is a call to action, to other human beings who think and feel that this is wrong, and must be prevented. Forever.


How the Onshore Gas Industry threatens our biosphere and our ground water.
Industrialisation of rural land, wilderness and water catchments.
Aquifers are like sponges, not underground rivers. Water in aquifers moves very slowly (measured in inches per year), and is slowly replenished by rainfall and bodies of standing water. The entire state is dependent on ground water. If it’s destroyed, so is the State. And the lives and livelihoods of we the inhabitants. Look at what’s happening in Southern Queensland. We mustn’t allow that to happen here.
Once contaminated, an aquifer cannot be repaired nor remediated. Better to exercise the Precautionary Principle, and just not risk it.
Well casing failure and fugitive emissions.
Well casings that are 40-50 years old, and less, are rusting and corroding. Studies on the US industry’s own figures shows 6% of well casings fail at installation, 30% within 10 years, and 60% within 30 years.

ALL steel well casings will eventually rust and corrode, leaving un-natural, introduced pathways for future migration of gas and chemical residue upward through the aquifers. Wellheads, casings, compressor stations and pipelines all leak. It’s called ‘fugitive emissions’, and it’s highly toxic with severe health impacts.
When all aspects of gas extraction are taken into account there is little difference in the ‘carbon footprint’ between unconventional gas extraction and coal. Frackgas is not a bridge between fossil fuels and renewables.
Regulatory capture. “When money talks, certain people listen”
Vested interest, revolving door politics, and greed are ugly neighbours. You don’t want them in your backyard. If you want to see how it works, one of WA’s premium PR firms describes it succinctly: Policy development and advice. Access. Lobbying. It’s also been known as ‘pay to play’. Who’s interests does your Government actually represent? And who benefits most?

Why should we ban the Onshore Gas Industry? Look at the evidence.
Your tax dollars subsidise multi-national corporations to do this to country. To our children’s future. And their children, their children’s children. Their children’s children’s children...get the picture? See the pictures...
The pictures below are not evidence of regulatory failure, but regulatory omission. Complete lack of substance. It’s a fake. Neither the DMP nor EPA wanted to know about this. They wouldn’t even come and look, let alone take samples and hold the driller accountable. It was all OK, because there’s a sweetie deal done between the DMP and the EPA, that the EPA will only investigate accidents or events that the operator decides are ‘serious enough’.

What you see below was not ‘serious enough’. And this was just the well pad preparation at Arrowsmith2 near Dongara 360km north of Perth. 200m from the Arrowsmith River, and just 9m above the North Yaragadee Aquifer.

A 30m x 30m unlined flowback pond, so full of toxic muck that I had a serious headache after squatting on the edge to take samples and photos. This was then allowed to ‘evaporate’, and leech into the sand, after which it was bulldozed flat some months later.
Human error, either by politicians, policy makers, advisors, operators or ALL... cannot be removed by legislation nor regulation. Retrospectively, it’s even harder. Let’s exercise the Precautionary Principle, and just not risk it. Water is more important than gas.

The Industry itself spells it out. The entire above-ground hydrological cycle is already under attack. Air pollution, stratospheric geo-engineering, Fukushima, Deepwater Horizon, deforestation...

Why on Earth would we mess with ancient ground water that the sustainability of the state and inhabitants depends on, by fracking and gas extraction? Why?

Humanity depends on water. As Water is Life, water is sacred.

We are made 70% or more of water. What on Earth are we doing putting ANY still uncontaminated water at risk?

When Governments or Authorities fail to protect our water and our health, it’s incumbent upon us to shoulder that responsibility, to defend our water. It’s our duty to future generations.

Groups actively defending our water. Look and Learn. Get active. Click the logos below.

Adani plans to extract billions of litres of water from our rivers and underground reservoirs every year to run their mega coal mine - threatening the livelihoods of farmers and regional communities.

Adani breaks Australian laws and can’t be trusted with our water.

The Federal Government just rushed through approval of Adani’s groundwater plan, on the eve of the election campaign, after major political interference. The CSIRO has expressed serious concerns with Adani’s plan and has distanced itself from the Minister's decision.

Adani’s approvals must be reviewed.

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