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Busselton-Dunsborough Environment Centre (BDEC) promotes environmental awareness through active participation in community environmental matters and actively hosting and participating in a range of environmental activities.

We engage with government, community agencies and the public, in order to encourage the preservation and enhancement of the natural environment in the local area. This involves cooperative relationships, writing formal submissions and contributing to local media.

We also host public forums and information sessions, conduct community planting days and publish brochures and a special book: A Journey into the Ludlow Tuart Forest.
Who We Are

BDEC is a not-for-profit environmental agency located within Western Australia's south-west region. Staffed solely by volunteers the agency aims to act as an advocacy agent on environmental matters in the vibrant Geographe community through the information sharing and working with other agencies.

As a proud member of the Geographe community, the agency is focused on delivering active services within the region, such as monitoring and planting activities.

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Environment Centre

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Conservation & Protection

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5/21 Cammilleri St, Busselton WA 6280

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May 2017

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