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Clive Palmer’s Waratah Coal has now applied to the Queensland Government for a Mining Lease, the final step before the mining of Bimblebox Nature Refuge. We have only until December 2nd to object to the Land Court of Queensland.

Bimblebox Nature Refuge is beautiful – and invaluable: an 8,000 hectare property, 95% uncleared, in the largely cleared Desert Uplands Bioregion of Central West Queensland, in the south Galilee Basin. It is living proof that sustainable grazing and high conservation values can successfully co-exist.

We are gathering all our resources to fight to protect the flora and fauna of Bimblebox. It was always incredibly contradictory that a mining exploration licence was granted over a dedicated Refuge recognized by both Federal and State governments because it was such a significant large tract of intact vegetation of high biodiversity values.

The Bimblebox Alliance has social licence and moral right on its side, and now we need to prove that we also have the legal right to exist. To do that in court is costly.

We need as much financial help as possible to fund this battle. Can you help?

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