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We want to see more renewable energy in our community and we want to see it sooner rather than later.
We believe that by driving the allocation of capital into a community-owned solar power project such as this one, we can make a real change.

Sydney Renewable’s Project is a rooftop installation at the redeveloped International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney) site in Darling Harbour, Sydney.

We financed a 520kW solar photovoltaic installation on the rooftop of ICC Sydney, which will generate enough energy to power more than 100 houses. Following installation in mid 2016, first power was generated in December 2016, which enabled the first invoice to be issued in January 2017.

The local community was given the opportunity to invest in this project. An offer of shares in SRPC was made under an Offer Information Statement dated 31 October 2016, a copy of which is available here. Shares in SRPC are unlisted, but still tradeable between individuals. Those interested in buying or selling their Shares will need to connect with each other directly, and may use the SRPC Facebook page as a place to post their interest.

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Renewable Energy

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Sydney, New South Wales

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Sydney South NSW, 1235. Australia

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