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Green Music Australia is harnessing the cultural power of music and musicians to lead the way to a greener world.
So many musicians want to reduce their environmental impact but don’t know where to start. Green Music Australia is here to make it easy, providing tools, case studies, encouragement and hands on support, partnering with others across the sector to make change happen.

We run campaigns on key issues to build support and momentum for change.

And we celebrate successes and leaders, showing others how much can be done.

Our role is to organise, facilitate and inspire musicians and the industry to make changes to improve our environmental performance, from energy use to packaging and waste to transport. By leading by example, and bringing our audiences along with us, we can create deep, cultural change.

What if the music scene went green? What if solar panels conspicuously sat on venue and studio roofs? What if venues and festivals stopped stocking plastic water bottles and replaced them with filling stations for reusable bottles? What if all lighting was LEDs and all fridges were green-cooling? What if bands’ merchandise was plastic free, organic and fair trade? What if the ARIA awards had a green carpet instead of a red carpet, and the whole industry started actually walking the talk?

Green Music Australia is here to make that vision a reality.

Our members and supporters come from a broad cross section of society: musicians; artist managers, agents and promoters; environmental consultants; venue and festival managers; music lovers who care about the environment; and environmentalists who love music.

We are a fledgling organisation, established in 2013. But with a few solid achievements and several big campaigns underway, we are quickly gaining ground.

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