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Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM) is a community group of like-minded people passionate about restoring our world to good health where the most dangerous impacts of climate change have been avoided. We are located in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, predominantly in the cities of Whitehorse and Maroondah. We seek to increase community awareness of what each of us can do in our own homes and businesses and to advocate for strong government action to reduce carbon emissions and create a safe climate now.

ECAM was formed in late 2013 when members of Get-Up who had worked together on the 2013 federal election identified their shared concern about climate change. Since then we have run a number of successful community forums (see previous events), have become incorporated, developed an extensive membership and ECAM News email list, work closely with other like-minded organisations and continue to strive to protect our precious earth.

Our Vision

A safe climate where the most dangerous impacts of global warming have been avoided, where our planet has been restored to pre-industrial health and where we and future generations live in a sustainable way.

Our Mission

To be the key community based organisation in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne leading community awareness and action to restore a safe climate.

Our Purpose

1. To increase public awareness about global warming and the urgency with which
solutions need to be found.

2. To organize and promote forums and events to educate the public about climate change solutions and the benefits of renewable energy and a zero carbon economy.

3. To develop and share technical knowledge to promote the uptake of renewable energy and other sustainable solutions to achieve zero carbon emissions in homes and businesses.

4. To encourage people to advocate for a safe climate in their spheres of influence and all levels of government.

5. To seek financial support to enable the organization to achieve its aims and objectives.

6. To work with other community groups who have similar goals.

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East Melbourne, Victoria

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East Melbourne, VIC 8002, Australia

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