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What are the key aims of the AoC?

"The main aim of the AoC is to help the formation of independent Climate Action Community Groups in as many towns and suburbs as possible all across Australia. The AoC could help people arrange meetings and will be pleased to arrange speakers on different topics as requested. These could be just discussion groups but our longer term goal is that hopefully these community groups will become physically active, helping others to consume less energy or helping those in their local community that are liable to be affected by climate change. I see the AoC as no more than a facilitator helping people to Act on Climate". Colin Hargreaves, CEO.

The Web Site

This web site is to be participatory, hopefully informing some while letting you inform others. There are many blank pages for which we would be happy to receive contributions or you may wish to submit a completely fresh page. Whatever you would like to do, just email

Formal Structure of AoC
AoC is a democratically structured, non-profit company limited by guarantee with a constitution registered with ASIC.

The constitution is based on the constitution of the NRMA with their permission. There are two levels of membership, ordinary and associate. Ordinary members will be able to elect the Board; invitations to become ordinary members will probably start in early May. Directors are unpaid and will be elected by ordinary members as soon as we reach a reasonable number of members for the first election. Associate members are people who have just registered their interest in our climate and have done this through the Contacts page.

Initially AoC will be staffed with volunteers but, if successful, it may take on full-time staff as necessary.

An Application is being made to obtain tax-deductible gift status so that any donations will be tax deductible. This cannot be guaranteed until it is approved by the Australian Tax Office, if they agree to this. All accounts will be made public six-monthly.

Initially, we are asking for people friendly to our aims to register their email address so as to be informed of any news and events.

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