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Positive Change for Marine Life was founded in Byron Bay, Australia in 2012 on the principles of creating long-term profitable change in regards to marine conservation issues worldwide. Through our core values of understanding, education and respect our mission is to collaborate with communities to ensure practices and systems are geared toward conserving vital marine ecosystems, whilst ensuring viable livelihoods for the people who depend upon them.

Through research, planning, creating and leading conservation strategies, raising public awareness, implementing educational programs, hosting events and working hands on with locals we aim to effectively minimise and reverse the impact that we are collectively having on the ocean.

Our Vision

Our ocean is not governed by profits, borders or exclusive economic zones...

We define the ‘Law of the Sea’ as living harmoniously with all oceanic creatures, respecting them and realising that our existence depends upon their own. In our ocean, reefs, turtles, sharks, seals, dolphins, whales, rays and all other species are protected from exploitation, communities are supported and encouraged to take only what they need and the true meaning of sustainability is respected by all.

In our ocean demersel trawl and gill nets do not exist, ghost nets are unheard of and oil spills and deep sea drilling are ancient history. Our ocean is clean and untouched by human waste. Our ocean supports all life on this planet and its beauty and wonder is preserved by each and every one of us...

We do not own our ocean, yet it belongs to all of us. We are its custodians and it's our responsibility to protect it for future generations to enjoy...

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