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CLEANaS is the Clean Energy Association of Newcastle and Surrounds.

CLEANaS aims to drive the uptake of renewable energy generation technologies in Newcastle and surrounds. We aim to do this through developing projects to provide opportunities for community funded renewable energy installations and by running events and initiatives to educate members and the public about the opportunities that exist in participating in clean energy.
CLEANaS will drive the uptake of clean energy generation technologies in the Newcastle and surrounding areas in both the commercial and residential sectors. We will do this through;

the establishment of community funded renewable energy solutions for direct electricity supply to local organisations and businesses,
facilitating the uptake of domestic renewable energy through education, bulk buy schemes and linking reputable suppliers with CLEANaS members, and
working with industry, all levels of government, policy makers and community groups to identify ways to build capacity and develop opportunities in the local renewable energy sector.

CLEANaS members value:

participating in clean energy generation, to reduce bills for energy users and at the same time producing results for the community and our members,
connecting with other members through collaborative projects and events,
local business growth and development through strengthening industries that can deliver local jobs and economic prosperity to the region, and
sustainable development to maintain the amenity of life with minimal impact on the environment.

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Renewable Energy

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Merewether NSW 2291

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December 2018

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