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Sustainable Living in Kingborough (SLiK) was formed with the purpose of creating a community where people can live simply, share skills and resources, foster social networks and find ways to reduce our impact on the environment. In 2019 this is a greater imperative than it has ever been before. We have groups with interests in: Growing and sourcing and local food; Energy efficiency, Waste avoidance; Sharing skills and Sustainable transport. SLiK initiated the annual Love Living Locally event which continues to be held, coordinated by the Kingborough Council. SLiK project managed a major bulk purchase of solar hot water systems for 90 Kingborough households, coordinated an energy champions project and worked with the community on marine debris reduction, funded by NRM South. Current events include showing the 2040 film and raising funds to support IMAS seaweed solution in Storm Bay. There are approximately 760 members on our Facebook group.

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