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Scenic Hills Association of South West Sydney

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We are passionate about the natural beauty and rich history that surrounds us in the Scenic Hills region on the South West outskirts of Sydney.
We want to preserve and protect the Scenic Hills for the enjoyment of the entire community against developments that may threaten or damage the uniqueness of these environmentally protected lands.

Our aim is to maintain the Scenic Hills as an Environmental Protection Area, defending its heritage and bushland from further urban and industrial encroachment.

We recognise the environmental, spiritual, historical and cultural values embodied in these lands, which need to be upheld and preserved for future generations.

We acknowledge the traditional owners of this land.

We recognise that the iconic Scenic Hills region gives us a sense of identity and sense of place as residents of Campbelltown and as Australians.

We are not aligned with any political party or group.

We act first and foremost for the protection of our Hills but our ethos is to not endanger other communities or groups as a means of protecting our own space.

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Conservation & Protection

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Campbelltown, New South Wales

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Campbelltown, New South Wales 2560

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