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Peak Oil Tasmania is a lobby group dedicated to raising awareness about peak oil in the Tasmanian setting.

Mission Statement: “To alert Tasmanians to permanently declining oil supply, to help them prepare for it and use it as a positive opportunity to build a healthy, resilient and sustainable state.”

Contributors to this site include a wide variety of professionals, community leaders and ordinary people from all around the state.

Are you new to peak oil?

It’s real and it’s serious – the world is running out of the cheap, conventional oil upon which industrial society was built.

That’s why fracking has become such a huge controversy all over the world. Why deep sea rigs are having to drill over five kilometres deep. Why major oil corporations are in financial hock.

Now include the climate change problem and it’s not hard to see that life with dramatically lower energy consumption is inevitable. It’s better to plan for it than to be taken by surprise.

This site aims to help Tasmanians understand how these issues will impact upon us and how, with optimism, creativity and decisive action, we can not only rise to this challenge but create a healthier, more sustainable society at the same time.

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Hobart, Tasmania

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October 2017

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October 2017

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