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We have run out of time for half-measures. It is now imperative that we form a sound strategy to ensure a safe climate is restored - for all people, all species and all generations.

The next 10 years are critical for our planet. To protect our environment and to avoid tipping points in the climate system it is necessary to act as fast as possible.

Harnessing the power of collaboration, the Transition Decade brings together an alliance of groups and individuals to build a decade of change - all working together to define how a safe climate can be achieved through lifestyle and technical change.

To aid greater collaboration The Transition Decade presents a shared time frame for action that aims to accelerate the scale, scope and speed of change needed to restore a safe climate.

Many of the solutions are well within our reach. Now is the time to engage everyone, everywhere. Together we can restore a safe climate.

Support the Transition Decade today!

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Melbourne, Victoria

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March 2019

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March 2019

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