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CLIMARTE harnesses the creative power of the arts to inform, engage and inspire action on climate change.

CLIMARTE is bringing together a broad alliance of arts organisations, practitioners, administrators, patrons and academics from across the spectrum of the arts sector, including the visual arts, music, theatre, dance, literature, architecture, and cinema. By joining this alliance we acknowledge the enormous risks that human induced climate change poses to our world and we commit to advocating for immediate, effective and creative action to be taken to restore a safe climate, capable of supporting a healthy and sustainable environment.

Throughout history the arts have played a major role in recording and reflecting the state of human society and its relationship with the natural world. Indeed, for some historical periods it is only through the arts that we have been able to learn about our past. But sometimes we have also needed the arts to be a catalyst for change, a call to action, a pricking of humanity’s collective conscience. We believe that now is one of those times.

This is an invitation to join others who work, live and play in the arts in taking a stand. It is time for us to come together, as representatives of all that is creative, imaginative and hopeful in humanity. It is time for us to engage with our communities and our leaders, our peers and our audiences. It is time to let them know that we will act and that we expect them to act on this clear and present danger to humanity, and to the wondrous world we inhabit. It is time to have our voices heard on climate change. Read more about us here.

We acknowledge the many thousands of experts in their fields – oceanographers, solar physicists, biologists, atmospheric scientists, geologists and snow and ice researchers among others from the world over – whose work has informed our understanding of science. For a long time our experts have been warning us of the dangers we face by ignoring the laws of chemistry and physics that allow life on earth. We are encouraged by the scientists and technical experts who have already provided us with many of the ideas and technologies we need to solve our environmental problems.

Our aim is to create a strong arts voice to join with other concerned citizens in calling for immediate, effective and creative action to secure a safe future for humankind and for all life on Earth. In essence, this voice will be one of creative ingenuity. It will communicate with passion the concerns and desires of people who make and support creative responses and expressions. Our collective voice will demonstrate the genuine conviction and leadership that we so desperately need in the 21st century.

The arts can not only show but indeed they can make us feel the very problems that we are facing. They can inspire us to acknowledge that we are part of nature and not separate from it. Creative thinking and expression help us to communicate and understand the rich relationships which exist between all things; for these relationships are what make our world the dynamic, intriguing, challenging and wondrous experience that it is. As key interpreters of this wondrous experience, we believe the arts has a major role and responsibility to encourage the transformational thinking required to move us away from our current destructive practices, and towards the environmental sustainability that we need to protect life on our planet.

By itself, just imagining a sustainable, efficient, flourishing society will not make it happen. Yet creating a vision is vital to guide and motivate our community’s actions. From the beginning of time the arts has been a powerful tool in communicating, narrating and empowering new visions to enlighten humanity. Now, perhaps more than any other time in history, we need the arts to take a lead.

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