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The Benalla Sustainable Future Group was established in 2010 by local residents who were concerned about the issue of sustainability and the lack of action on climate change both locally and nationally.

Our Purpose

The primary purpose of the Benalla Sustainable Future Group is to protect and enhance the natural and built environment by promoting sustainable living practices and development within the Benalla region so that the needs of the present can be met without compromising the resources available to future generations.

Specifically the Benalla Sustainable Future Group will aim to develop and implement a sustainable vision for the Benalla region which will include:

significantly reducing the region's contribution to greenhouse gas emissions
assisting residents to respond to the changing world by using natural resources wisely
reducing reliance on non-renewable sources of energy
promoting environmental awareness and responsibility to further the protection and, where necessary, the restoration and rehabilitation of the natural environment
helping to build and nurture a community in which relationships, social justice and creativity are highly valued.

Benalla Sustainable Future Group works to achieve its aims through;

focussing on solutions to the problem of global warming and the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions
involving households, schools, businesses and other institutions in sustainability programs involving energy, water, land and other resources
operating education and awareness programs
conducting research into ways in which our society can be more sustainable
networking with, and where appropriate, supporting local, national and international organisations with similar objectives
promoting the concept of "reduce, reuse and recycle"
supporting sustainable locally based agriculture and other business ventures which seek to supply the local community
working with the media to promote the ideas of sustainability and sustainable practices
conducting advocacy with all levels of government - Local, State and Federal - on the issues of climate change, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and sustainable development

Action groups are established to implement these and other strategies as the need arises

The Benalla Sustainable Future Group holds general meetings on the fourth Thursday of every second month in February, April, June, August and October, but on the second Thursday in December.

​The group meets at 7:30pm in the meeting room at the Uniting Church, Carrier Street, Benalla. (Opposite Coles car park) Our meetings are open to members of the public.

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