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We are a community action group of concerned residents who formed in April, 2010, after receiving the horrifying news that a coal exploration company by the name of Northern Energy Corporation (NEC) was intending to lodge an application with the Queensland Government to mine 500 thousand ton of hard coking coal per annum over a period of 10 years just over 2kms from our doorsteps. This proposal is for an OPEN CUT Coal mine which means blasting, toxic dust, noise 24/7 & the potential of thousands of litres of toxic waste water discharging into our wetlands and waterways which flow into the environmentally sensitive Mary River.

After investigating the potential health risks of an open cut coal mine in such close proximity to a residential area our residents came to the firm decision that we would fight this proposal to its death! Our rights to breathe clean air and drink clean water from our water tanks, our only source of drinking water, are the basic human rights of any human being on this planet.

We understand that this country needs to have a certain amount of mining to be financially sustainable so we are not against all mining. We are simply AGAINST OPEN CUT COAL MINING or any other form of mining that has a negative impact on rivers, valuable farming land, environmentally sensitive areas, residential areas & peoples health. This proposed mine would be approximately 2.15kms from our homes and in a coastal tourist area that is not only a recognized Biosphere but one thats waterways lead into the Mary River, the Great Sandy Straits and the World Heritage listed Fraser Island.

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