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The Roe 8 section will destroy the Beeliar Wetlands.
The Perth Freight Link will not solve safety or congestion issues and will not reach Fremantle Port.
We need your help to stop WAs most expensive road and save our wetlands.

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September 2017

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The history of the campaign

A rapidly growing group of dedicated campaigners has been fighting to preserve Bibra Lake and North Lake from Roe Highway Stage 8 development for decades.

Here are some of the key milestones of the campaign so far:
Early 1980s: A strong beginning

The campaign was launched following the Farrington Road Blockade. Since then, our core group of campaigners has worked on multiple fronts to further the cause. We have a substantial number of reports and documented evidence from the early days of the campaign, including input from the EPA to use in our current challenge.

Our group was also involved in large-scale decision making including the Freight Network Review and the subsequent Local Impacts Committee.
2001: Commissioned Roe Highway Community survey report

The North Lake Residents Assoc. Inc. commissioned a community survey report titled, Proposed Stage 8 Roe Highway Extension Through The Beeliar Regional Park North Lake and Bibra Lake. Community Survey, 2001

500 surveys were distributed throughout the community. A total of 399 surveys were returned, this response is very high when considering that the survey consisted of 17 questions. In response to question number 2, “Should Roe Hwy be constructed beyond the Kwinana Fwy through the Beeliar Wetlands of North & Bibra Lakes?”, a total of 95% said No, 3% said yes and 2% were undecided.

The questionnaire also asked for written comments, in most cases comments were added to the survey (view this report).
2001: Increasing support from the public

A successful public rally was held in 2001. Public awareness of the campaign continued to grow as more and more people began to oppose the unnecessary and expensive Roe 8 development.
2003 EPA report Bulletin 1088, highlights the ecological values of North Lake & Bibra Lake

“the EPA concludes that any proposal for the construction of the alignment of Roe Highway Stage 8 through the Beeliar Regional Park would be extremely difficult to be made environmentally acceptable.”

and that:

“the EPA is of the opinion that the overall impacts of construction within the alignment, or any alignment through the Beeliar Regional Park in the vicinity of North Lake and Bibra Lake, would lead to the ecological values of the area as a whole being diminished in the long-term. Every effort should be made to avoid this…”

It is recommended that other alternatives to direct freight through the general area, which do not involve the clearing and filling of the wetlands within the Beeliar Regional Park, be pursued.”(Environmental values associated with the alignment of Roe Highway (Stage 8), p16)
2008: Government changes create turmoil

In the middle of 2008, the state government agreed that the alignment for Roe 8 should be removed from the Metropolitan Region Scheme (MRS).
This was extremely positive news, until a new state government was elected in September 2008. The new government had used the construction of Roe 8 as an election promise, which sent our campaign into a new phase.
Our Save Beeliar Wetlands campaign was initiated by representatives from a cross-section of concerned community and environmental groups.
2009: Opposition to Roe 8 grows

Our rally in October 2009 attracted more than 2000 supporters and gained coverage on all major TV stations.
2010: The campaign reaches new heights

By early 2010 our campaign comprised of 12 groups and more than 2000 individual supporters.
We have maintained a high media profile in local papers, held several events attracting wider publicity, and taken this important cause out to the public at fairs and rallies.
The future

We will continue to lobby the state government to have Roe 8 removed from the Metropolitan Region Scheme to protect the heritage and precious natural significance of the Beeliar Wetlands.
We invite you to join us in our campaign – visit our Facebook page or sign up to receive news updates today.

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