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The Australian Forests and Climate Alliance

Provides a national network for forest and climate campaigners around the country
Builds alliances with relevant organisations and groups
Provides up to date information about forest values, their influence on climate and measures to protect and restore
Publishes articles and letters, makes submissions on policy development and provides information to decision making bodies
Lobbies government and people in leadership positions on forests and climate policy
Communicates campaign actions via national email groups and social media on issues affecting forests such as: Regional Forest Agreements that provide for native forests to be logged while being exempted from federal environmental law, the forest wood ‘bio-energy’ and ‘biofuel’ industries, dismantling of historic legislative protection for forests and woodlands via the ‘downgrading’ of land tenure – and other threats
Participates in and plans event campaigning​
Assists in and organises forest and climate protection networking groups and forums

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Conservation & Protection

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148 Camden Head Road, Camden Head, NSW 2443

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Friends of the Forest (Mogo) Member of the following groups Agent