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GV Community Energy is a not-for-profit social enterprise assisting households, community groups and businesses to become more energy efficient.

Assist households, businesses, community groups and government authorities to lower carbon emissions.
Encourage political parties to implement lower carbon emissions
Ensure political independence
Reduce our reliance on fossil fuels
Foster behaviour change leading to reduced energy consumption
Undertake research and promotional programs
Community engagement and educational programs
Facilitate the adoption of energy conservation through efficient building design and energy efficient appliances
Promote the introduction of renewable and/or low emission energy sources to our region

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Renewable Energy

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52 Stevenson St, Murchison VIC 3610

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GV Community Energy Pty Ltd began in 2008 as a volunteer organisation aiming to establish a bulk purchase agreement for 15 solar photovoltaic (PV) systems for families in the Murchison area. An enormous response from the community saw over 450 people attending a public meeting, resulting in the installation of 501 solar PV systems.

This community PV bulk-buy project was followed by a further three projects culminating in 1,700 solar PV installations, 150 solar hot water systems and 31 public seminars/workshops.

In September 2010, the organisation evolved into a not for profit company, managed by a volunteer board, and permanent staff who were responsible for the installation of a further 1,000 solar PV systems and 55 seminars.

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