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• Retain public access to coastal areas for the greater community
• Conserve flora, fauna, fungi, ecological communities and ecosystem processes, as well as the marine environment and coastal processes.

What You Can Do
• Become a member (membership form here)
• Post a comment
• Contribute to our activities, eg: coastal dune restoration, preparing submissions on various documents/proposals.

Swanbourne Coastal Alliance Draft Strategy
Nov. 2008

• Retain public access to coastal areas for the wider community;
• Conserve fauna, flora, ecological communities and ecosystem processes as well as the marine environment and coastal processes.

Area of interest:
Primary boundaries:
- north-south: North Street to City beach and adjacent areas
- east-west: Marine Parade to West Coast Highway and adjacent areas
- Extends to the marine environment

Secondary boundaries:
- From Fremantle to Scarborough, and more widely the Perth coastline

- Identify and examine any proposal that would affect the area of interest and assess its impact.
- Act in the interest of the community stakeholders in with regards to any plans that could have a direct impact on our area of interest: represent community stakeholders and communicate back to them.
- Play a strategic role in any regional planning issue related to our core objectives.
- From time to time, support groups with similar interest on issues related to our core objectives.
- Play an active part in a state-wide coastal coalition of community groups involved in coastal issues.
- Support rehabilitation activities undertaken by the Friends of Allen Park.
- Liaise with City of Nedlands on all issues affecting our area of interest and core objectives.

Implementation Plan
- Create a brochure to make our objectives and strategy known to our stakeholders
- Make ourselves known as a major stakeholder to our major partners: Department of Defence (Australian Government), Council, WA Department of Planning and Infrastructure , etc.
- Liaise with the media
- Meet with Council twice a year.
- Create a database of up to 300 people.

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Conservation & Protection

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Swanbourne, WA

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Swanbourne, WA

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June 12, 2007

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Website has not been updated since June 12th 2007, nor is there any active facebook page. The strategy available on their website is dated Nov 2008.

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