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Ironstone Community Action Group Inc. (ICAG Inc.) formed in 2007 to defend against a "proposed Magnetite mine" taking in properties in Limeburners Creek, Allworth & Booral.
ICAG Inc. is an Action group and support network for individuals/property owners in the Gloucester-Stroud Valley. ICAG Inc. networks with groups/individuals around NSW and other States of Australia. ICAG Inc also networks with individuals/groups in America & Canada

ICAG Inc. speak out about unsatisfactory mining approvals through meeting Government Departments, holding public meetings, Roadside Rallies and using photos, film and water samples, to show people what is actually happening to our valley's natural environment, wildlife & precious natural water sources.

Mining is approved and condoned from various Government Departments from: Local Council, State Government Departments of many, including Federal & Commonwealth Government Departments all responsible for what is happening to this valley and downstream to Taree and Port Stephens/Marine Park.

ICAG Inc. puts a human face to the environment, our wildlife, natural water sources that cannot defend themselves against ruthless Government approved mining. Mining impacts are readily seen driving the Bucketts Way to Gloucester and the discharging into Coalshaft Creek & Unnamed Creek that both flow to Mammy Johnsons River, a sad reality!

Mining on the Gloucester-Stroud Valley is impacting the local creeks & rivers, e.g. Stratford Coal discharges into the Avon River, Little Manning and Manning River Taree (Taree's drinking water) and Duralie Coal is drilling and impacting Wards River, Mammy Johnsons River (discharging via creeks) that flow directly into Mammy Johnsons River, Karuah River (Stroud Road and Stroud Townships drinking water) before flowing to Port Stephens & Marine Park.

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March 19, 2012

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