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Ararat is a small rural town in the Western District of Victoria. It is about 200 kms west of Melbourne, not far from the Grampians National Park. It nestles against the Ararat Hills and has stunning views towards Mt Langhi Ghiran, Mt Cole and the Challicum Hills. The turbines of Challicum Hills Wind Farm are a feature of the landscape.

Ararat has a history of supporting clean and green power, most notably with the strong community support for the establishment of the Challicum Hills Wind Farm. Another two wind farms for the area are in the early stages of seeking planning approval. Ararat Rural City Council has set aside land for an industrial precinct named Ararat Renewable Energy Park, specifically for industries involved in the manufacture of green energy components.

AGAG Inc. was registered on 7/8/2007 with the stated purpose being “To promote activities to lessen the effects of climate change through community education and action and through advocating abatement of Greenhouse Gas emissions.”

Ararat Greenhouse Action Group has a broad range of members from Ararat, Stawell and surrounding areas, all of whom wish to promote a sustainable future for the local area. The region combines a range of urban and rural environments and thus requires consideration of a broad range of issues, some of which may seem to conflict so there are numerous challenges to confront in achieving equitable outcomes.

Ararat Greenhouse Action Group is open to membership from all sectors of the community in order to achieve a balance of views and utilise skills from a range of individuals, organisations and businesses.

This website is to be a reference point for anybody who is seeking information with regard to the general subject of serious climate change and what can be done to assist in its’ impact and effects, especially in our region. For instance, you could start by looking at the CSIRO’s website to see projections for weather in our region. Then, if you wish to take action around your home you could go to “Climate Change-what you can do” at which also gives information on coping on a number of different levels.

For people who are already well informed on the subject there is a host of websites for technical information and links to similar groups to AGAG throughout Australia and overseas.

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