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Groundswell Gloucester is a non-profit, incorporated Association formed by a group of residents who want our community to have the final say in the political decisions which determine the economic, social and environmental future of the Stroud Gloucester Valley. We look to a future where the beautiful environment of the Stroud Gloucester Valley sustains a healthy, productive and vibrant community.

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Stroud Gloucester Valley

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PO Box 380, Gloucester NSW 2422

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For 7 years the Gloucester community has campaigned against the AGL gas field. This was a project that wasn’t safe, wasn’t needed and wouldn’t make a profit. On Thursday 4 February 2016 AGL announced that it would not proceed with the project and would relinquish their exploration licence. This very likely spells the end of CSG at Gloucester.

"An open-cut coal mine in this part of the Gloucester Valley would be in the wrong place at the wrong time," the judgment said.

"Wrong place because an open-cut coal mine in this scenic and cultural landscape, proximate to many people's homes and farms, will cause significant planning, amenity, visual and social impacts.

"Wrong time because the [greenhouse gas] emissions of the coal mine and its coal product will increase global total concentrations of [greenhouse gases] at a time when what is now urgently needed, in order to meet generally agreed climate targets, is a rapid and deep decrease in emissions.

"These dire consequences should be avoided."

(Excerpt for the judgement 08 Feb 2019 against Gloucester Resources Ltd’s Rocky Hill project, an open-cut coal mine that was proposed to be just 0.9km from the backyards of the Forbesdale estate and just 5km from the heart of Gloucester, New South Wales Australia.)

This is the first time an Australian court has cited climate change as one of the reasons against approving a new coal mine.

We are ecstatic about the ruling after more than 10 years fighting Rocky Hill. We hope that this legal precedent echoes around Australia and forms part of the tipping point to a renewable energy future.

Thank you so much everyone, for your ongoing support in this journey towards climate justice.

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