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Tweed Climate Action Now (Tweed CAN) was created by residents of the Tweed Shire, in the Northern Rivers region of New South Wales, Australia in 2006.

We aim to reduce greenhouse emissions and prepare the community through local actions like:

Promoting solar energy and community grids
Information stalls at markets and events
Lobbying local council for ethical investment
Analysing local climate data and model projections
Encouraging household and community preparation
Outing Banks that finance fossil fuels.
Protesting against risky and unnecessary coal seam gas
Writing articles for local newspapers and magazines
Promoting bicycle trails, public transport and car pooling.

We try to have fun while doing something to fight the complacency and vested interest that may rob us of a future because of irreversible climate destabilisation.

Margaret Mead once said “Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has.”

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May 26, 2018

Date of last group activity not on website (e.g., on social media)

May 26, 2018

Known reason for group inactivity

TweedCAN has been struggling to maintain a functional committee and under the rules for incorporated associations must shut down. A new organisation, Zero Emissions Tweed is starting up and we encourage you to support this group in this next phase of the struggle against global warming.

It is now confirmed that the earth has entered the El Tio phase of the Interdecadal Pacific Oscillation. In this phase if warming continues at the current accelerated rate then the Paris target of 1.5 degrees warming could be exceeded in less than 8 years.

Founding Year


History of group

2017 so far

Detailed submissions to Tweed Shire Council “Renewable Energy Review”
Brochure on solar for commercial tenancy.
Meetings with Justine Elliot on the Clean Energy Target and ADANI
Meetings with Councillors on the potential of Terrajoule in the Shire
Participation in first meeting of Zero Emissions Tweed
Submission to NSW Climate Change Fund
Submission to Tweed Shire 10yr Strategic Plan
Coordination with other environmental groups
Participation in first national Community Energy Conference (Melbourne)
Coordination with Suncrowd and “Farming the Sun”, solar and battery bulk schemes
Solar for Tenants – proposal to government


Presentation and stall at TweedTalk “Where to after Paris”
Stall at Seniors Expo
New Raffle prises, T-shirts and fundraising merchandise
Organising Community Group Forum in May
Organising seminars in June on Batteries and other options for the end of the gross solar rebate.
Updating information and posters for website, World Environment Day and Future Expo
Submission on Climatic Modelling adjustments for the Tweed Emergency Plan
Submission for North Coast Development Plan
Battery and Solar Information Seminar/Expo Mbah – 80 attended
Battery and Solar Information Seminar/Expo Tweed – 50 attended
Stall at Living for the Future Expo – Tweed West
Federal Elections Candidate survey on climate change
Two candidates for the Council Elections and support through “Community Voice”


Uki Markets Stall
Publication- Options for the Solar Gross Feed in Tariff
Divestment Demonstration- Banks at Tweed Heads. Story printed in the Daily News
Publications- “Beat the Heat”, “Cyclones?”
Petition- Tweed Shire Council Divestment (100)
NSW Election Advertisement – Tweed Weekly 20,000
Submissions to Council Sustainability Policy
Gaslands Movie :Petition- Tweed Shire Council (200)
Stall at Vanuatu Benefit ( Petition reaches 400)
Meeting with council staff re climate change preparations
Local data summary on climate impacts
New posters, Banners, Earth Balls
School Resource Pack
Library Display
Second Council Divestment Motion- Mayor, Staff, address Council
Demo outside CBA against funding Galilee basin coal mines
World Environment Day Stall- fund raiser raffle & presentation
New Website- build and publication
Building the LOLA legend
Tweed Futures Expo stall
Over 100 attend movie night “This Changes Everything”
7 Community organisations join World Climate Rally at Murwillumbah
300 People attend the World Climate Rally at Murwillumbah

2006-2014 Highlights

400 Rooftop solar systems
6 large Solar systems on community buildings
Caldera Economic Transition Plan
Helped initiate farmers markets
Helped initiate BUG bike group
2 Community gardens
Developed and delivered a Primary School Pac
Bank and Super Divestment campaign
Organised Rallies, market stalls, grants, information, expert speakers, film nights, fund raising and liaison with local council and other groups.

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