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Sustainable Hepburn Association – Renewing the Earth (SHARE) is a not-for-profit, non-political community association run by volunteers. SHARE has around 500 members and is focused on the Shire of Hepburn, Victoria, Australia.

Our purpose: to cultivate sustainable community

SHARE is committed to providing space that promotes the growth of communities that are environmentally responsible, socially connected and economically vibrant now and into the future.

We intend to achieve this by working together to

use natural resources wisely & reduce waste
grow, produce & purchase locally
develop and share resources, knowledge & skills
foster sustainable thinking and actions
facilitate the uptake of renewable energy

We support initiatives that care for our environment and build strong and vibrant community.

Our vision, values and key strategies

Core Strategy 1: Create a sustainable organisation

Build and connect with membership
Create working groups
Communicate regularly

Core Strategy 2: Be the ears and voice of sustainability

Create a useful website
Produce regular newsletters / Green News
Connect with Council

Core Strategy 3: Connect & catalyse local sustainability initiatives

We support what is happening by an agreed selection criteria that fit our core values
Identify priority projects
Get the word out

Core Strategy 4: Build capacity

Inspiration and motivation through programs, education, forums we originate
Connecting with community groups
We make it happen

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PO Box 635, 3460 Daylesford, Victoria

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April 1, 2018

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SHARE is the initiating organisation (then HREA) of Australia’s first community owned windfarm Hepburn Wind in 2006. From 2007 to 2014 SHARE continued to be active in the renewable energy space, conducting major events, festivals, education and projects that promoted sustainability locally and regionally. These included solar bulk buys, retrofitting (Refit’n’nsave), energy assessments for business and local government, Sustainable House Day, Good Life Festival, Sustainably Stories and films, Buy Local Campaign, Transition towns and more. SHARE has now gone low key, but continues to collaborate and support other community sustainability groups behind the scenes.

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